What is Jitsu?

Jistu is martial art that is based on the traditional styles of Ju Jitsu developed in medieval Japan. Today it is a very effective street wise self defense system. The core of the art is a system of strikes, locks, throwing and holding techniques based on using an aggressors energy and strength against them. Jitsu skills can be performed by men women and children to counter situations from unwanted harassment to armed physical assult.


Why Learn Jitsu?


Jitsu is a progressive martial art that offers a means of personal and physical development, as well as an effective system of self-defence. Regular training can help improve:

  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination
  • Posture

Most importantly, people find that over time Jitsu improves their confidence and self-esteem. Advanced training levels are challenging and can help develop increased levels of physical and mental control.